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Where it al started

DJ Merco is an energetic and enthousiastic Eclectic DJ & producer with a Spanish music taste. With his Eclectic (Moombahton, Hip Hop & Latin House) sound he sets the stage with an amazing performance, augmented by precisely the right music to make every show a unique experience!

Merco released his first remix ‘Bang It To The Curb’ in 2015. It was instantly picked up by a lot of (famous) DJ’s and scored him a lot of gigs, including at clubs like Arena and Essencia in Blanes. His performances there were a big hit among the Dutch and Belgian youth visiting these clubs in the summers of 2015 and 2016.

After his performances in Blanes he recorded his first solo track and made remixes of his favourite songs. He also started his own monthly international radio show called MercoMixes on a American radio station, which later became a well known Spotify playlist.

In March 2017 he released his first original Moombahton track called ‘Earthquake’, which was a great success! And talking about succes, after this track he remixed the summer anthem of 2017 ‘Despacito’ which got way more succes then he even hoped. DJ’s such as Freddy Moreira and Diaz & Bruno played this remix everywhere and even Radio 538 played it on their station!

This year will Merco perform In many clubs in- and outside The Netherlands. Check out his agenda to see where he will perform.

Pressphoto from Merco
MercoMixes by Merco: Your favourite eclectic playlist!

Your favourite eclectic playlist

Do you love the music that Merco plays? Listen then to the MercoMixes playlist on Spotify! Every two weeks it get’s updated on Friday with his and your favourite eclectic music. Follow the playlist and enjoy it when and whenever you want!


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